Fresh Air FLØRT (yes, that means FLIRT!) is a Nordic-inspired brand with a fun and simple approach to helping people make connections outside.

In 2016, Andrea Bungum and her extended family took a trip to Norway to meet distant relatives and visit the family homestead. During this trip, a Norwegian hiking guide mentioned that many Norwegian hikers wore green beanies. Why? To indicate that they are single and “open to romance.” Originally an April Fool’s Joke promoted by the Norwegian Hiking Association, the concept went viral and continues to this day.

Back in Minnesota, an idea began to take shape. As an active and outdoorsy single person who wasn’t enamored with the online dating options, this idea resonated with Andrea as a simpler and more natural way to meet people. After hearing other single people say, “What’s the alternative?”, Fresh Air FLØRT was born.

To learn more about the story behind the brand, read the article featured in Twin Cities Outdoors.



Andrea Bungum, Founder

Hiker, jogger, biker, camper and all-around outdoorsy person, Andrea left the corporate world a few years ago and never looked back. Now she’s having fun applying her extensive marketing communications background and creativity to the FLØRT brand. Known for frequent and impromptu friends’ gatherings, Andrea likes to help people make connections.

Jenna Fletcher, Partner

When she’s not researching sea turtles, rescuing wildlife, or feeding primates at St Paul’s Como Zoo, Jenna can be found hiking, biking, camping, or walking the many trails in the Twin Cities area. Jenna’s experience in creating new parks and natural areas — where people can connect with nature and with each other — will guide us as we develop our FLØRT give back approach. 

Becky Helland, Partner

Overly humble about her incredible writing skills and knowledge of design and art production, Becky’s ability to just “figure it out” is exactly what FLØRT needs as we develop and grow the business. What’s more, Becky’s uncanny ability to pull hilarious, obscure quotes out of midair at exactly the right moment brings wit, humor, and fun to the FLØRT brand.